Current Affairs Quiz: 1st March 2018

Current Affairs 1st March 2018: Quiz

Current Affairs Quiz 1st March 2018: This Current Affairs Quiz is based on previous day’s news that will help you in answering questions which can/may be asked in the upcoming Bank, SSC, Railway & other Govt. exams. You can also go through the Current Affairs, News & Daily GK Update of 28th Feb 2018 before attempting the quiz.

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1. National Technology Centre for Ports, Waterways and Coasts (NTCPWC) will be set up in which IIT to give technological support to ports and maritime sector?
a) IIT Mumbai
b) IIT Bhubaneshwar
c) IIT Chennai
d) IIT Kharagpur

2. Which lake has emerged as the single largest habitat of Irrawaddy dolphins in the world with the spotting of 155 such animals?
a) Lake Nicaragua
b) Lake Titicaca
c) Chilika lake
d) Pulicat Lake

3. Which private sector bank has tied up with blockchain solution provider Ripple to enhance global payment transactions in and out of India?
a) ICICI Bank
b) HDFC Bank
c) IndusInd Bank
d) Axis Bank

4. Who has been appointed as the new editor-in-chief of the television channel Rajya Sabha TV?
a) Atul Vaidya
b) Sudhir Chaudhary
c) Nidhi Razdan
d) Rahul Mahajan

5. What is India’s GDP growth rate forecast for the year 2018, as per latest report by Moody’s Investors Service?
a) 7.4 %
b) 7.6 %
c) 7.7 %
d) 7.8 %

6. The Reserve Bank of India raised the exposure limit under Exchange Traded Currency Derivatives (ETCD) trading for residents and foreign portfolio investors (FPIs) to ______ million across all currency pairs involving the Indian rupee.
a) $100 million
b) $200 million
c) $250 million
d) $300 million

7. Vijayendra Saraswathi has become the 70th Sankaracharya of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam. The Hindu monastic institution is located in which state?
a) Kerala
b) Tamil Nadu
c) Andhra Pradesh
d) Karnataka

8. National Science Day (NSD) is celebrated every year on 28 February. What was the theme of the 2018 National Science Day (NSD)?
a) Scientific Issues for Development of the Nation
b) Science and Technology for a Sustainable Future
c) Science for Nation Building
d) Science and Technology for Specially Abled Persons

9. Who has won the 2017 Laureus World Sportswoman of the Year awards?
a) Venus Williams
b) Serena Williams
c) Caroline Wozniacki
d) Agnieszka Radwanska

10. Who has won the 2017 Laureus World Sportsman of the Year and Comeback of the Year awards?
a) Virat Kohli
b) Roger Federer
c) Cristiano Ronaldo
d) Lionel Messi

1:c, 2:c, 3:c, 4:d, 5:b, 6:a, 7:b, 8:c, 9:b, 10:b.

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