Current Affairs 27th September 2018: Quiz

Current Affairs 27th September 2018: Quiz

Current Affairs Quiz 27th September 2018: This Current Affairs Quiz is based on previous day’s news that will help you in answering questions which can/may be asked in the upcoming Bank, SSC, Railway & other Govt. exams. You can also go through the Current Affairs, News & Daily GK Update of 26th September before attempting the quiz.

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1. Which state topped the ‘Ease of Living Index’ rankings launched by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs?
a) Karnataka
b) Andhra Pradesh
c) Telangana
d) Rajasthan

2. What is the Rank of India in the world for its investments in education and health care (‘Human Capital’ Score)?
a) 112nd
b) 136th
c) 144th
d) 158th

3. Which country topped the list of ‘Human Capital’ Score ranking?
a) Iceland
b) Finland
c) USA
d) Spain

4. Which of the following countries have recently celebrated the 100 years of Battle of Haifa?
a) India & Israel
b) Israel & UAE
c) India & Afghanista
d) India & Iran

5. Which city will host the 2nd Global RE-INVEST from October 3-5, 2018?
a) Bengaluru
b) Chennai
c) New Delhi
d) Hyderabad

6. Which Indian personality has been appointed goodwill ambassador for Nepal tourism?
a) Jaya Prada
b) Aksay Kumar
c) Naseeruddin Shah
d) Raveena Ta

7. The Haryana government has decided to institute an award after which Indian-origin astronaut?
a) Kalpana Chawla
b) Sunita Williams
c) Rakesh Sharma
d) Ravish Malhotra

8. Which international organisation has approved Country Partnership Framework (CPF) for India to support its transition to higher middle- income country?
a) World Economic Forum
c) IMF
d) World Bank

9. Which nation’s Supreme Court allowed live streaming of court proceedings on September 26, 2018?
a) India
b) USA
c) Pakistan
d) Canada

10. Which state government has announced a novel scheme for the protection of the exotic Neela kurinji plants?
a) Tamil Nadu
b) Karnataka
c) Manipur
d) Mizoram

11. The Jharkhand government has inked MoU with which insurance company for Ayushman Bharat Scheme?
a) LIC

12. Which state government will launch the Universal Pension scheme in the state on October 2, 2018?
a) Jharkhand
b) Odisha
c) Gujarat
d) Assam

13. Which Ministry recently launched the web portal for MSME banking credit space?
a) Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
b) Ministry of Home Affairs
c) Ministry of Finance
d) None of these

14. Who is the newly appointed chairman of the Steel Authority of India (SAIL)?
a) V Gopi Suresh Kumar
b) Anil Kumar Chaudhary
c) PK Rath
d) Atul Mehta

1: b) Andhra Pradesh
2: d) 158th
3: b) Finland
4: a) India & Israel
5: c) New Delhi
6: a) Jaya Prada
7: a) Kalpana Chawla
8: d) World Bank
9: a) India
10:a) Tamil Nadu
11:b) NICL
12:d) Assam
13:c) Ministry of Finance
14:b) Anil Kumar Chaudhary

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