Current Affairs 3rd October 2018: Quiz

Current Affairs 3rd October 2018: Quiz

Current Affairs Quiz 3rd October 2018: This Current Affairs Quiz is based on previous day’s news that will help you in answering questions which can/may be asked in the upcoming Bank, SSC, Railway & other Govt. exams. You can also go through the Current Affairs, News & Daily GK Update of 2nd October before attempting the quiz.

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1. The first stock exchange in India to launch the commodity derivative contracts in gold and silver is __________.
a. NSE Ltd. (National Stock Exchange)
b. BSE Ltd. (Bombay Stock Exchange)
c. India International Exchange (India INX)
d. Ahmedabad Stock Exchange Ltd.

2. Who were conferred with Noble Medicine Prize 2018?
a. Arthur Ashkin, Gerard Mourou
b. Gerald Patrick, Donna Strickland
c. James P Allison, Tasaku Honjo
d. Mikey Jonas, Morgan Reed

3. IMF and ______ released the ‘Reinvigorating Trade and Inclusive Growth’.
a. Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)
b. Asian Development Bank (ADB)
c. Softbank
d. World Bank

4. Which country has decided to posthumously award the Congressional Gold Medal to Mahatma Gandhi for his contribution towards promotion of peace and non-violence?
a. Germany
b. France
c. South Africa
d. USA

5. When was International Day of Non-Violence observed throughout the world?
a. 1st December
b. 10th December
c. 2nd October
d. 1st October

6. What was the theme of International Coffee Day celebrated on 1st October 2018?
a. Women in Coffee
b. Wake Up Bright With Coffee
c. Coffee Without Caffeine
d. Watch The Sun With Coffee

7. Who won the 25th Asian junior individual squash championship title?
a. Yuvraj Wadhwani
b. Arnav Sareen
c. Parasrampuria
d. Sanya Vats

8. Where was the 25th Asian junior individual squash championship held?
a. Chennai
b. New Delhi
c. Indore
d. Mumbai

9. Who is appointed as the first Chairperson of National Financial Reporting Authority (NFRA)?
a. Siddharth Rao
b. Sridhar Krishnan
c. Rangachari Sridharan
d. Umesh Yadav

10. International Monetary fund appointed ________ as its chief economist who succeeded Maurice (Maury) Obstfeld.
a. Jyoti Sharma
b. Gita Gopinath
c. Pawan Goel
d. Ritu Das

1. b) BSE Ltd. (Bombay Stock Exchange)
2. c) James P Allison, Tasaku Honjo
3. d) World Bank
4. d) USA
5. c) 2nd October
6. a) Women in Coffee
7. a) Yuvraj Wadhwani
8. a) Chennai
9. c) Rangachari Sridharan
10. b) Gita Gopinath

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