Current Affairs Quiz: 6th February 2019

Current Affairs 6th February 2019: Quiz

Current Affairs Quiz 6 February 2019: This Current Affairs Quiz is based on previous day’s news that will help you in answering questions which can/may be asked in the upcoming Bank, SSC, Railway & other Govt. exams. You can also go through the Current Affairs, News & Daily GK Update of 6th February before attempting the quiz.

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1. Which state has become the first State to set up a price monitoring and research unit (PMRU) to track violation of prices of essential drugs and medical devices under the Drugs Price Control Order (DPCO)?
a) Uttarakhand
b) Goa
c) Karnataka
d) Kerala

2. Which state is planning to expand the Millet Village scheme to several districts following the successful trial run?
a) Karnataka
b) Andhra Pradesh
c) Tamil Nadu
d) Kerala

3. Who is the recipient of K.Veeramani Award for Social Justice 2018?
a) P S Krishnan
b) Nitish Kumar
c) S T Moorthy
d) Veera Munusam

4. Which state topped in the ranking of best practices followed by states in budget formulation, as per a survey by Transparency International?
a) Tamil Nadu
b) Rajasthan
c) Assam
d) Telangana

5. Which state launched a scholarship scheme named ‘KALIA Chhatravritti Yojana’, for the children of farmers under Krushak Assistance for Livelihood and Income Augmentation (KALIA) scheme?
a) West Bengal
b) Sikkim
c) Odisha
d) Jharkhand

6. Who has been appointed as the new Nepalese ambassador to India?
a) Nilambar Acharya
c) Deep Kumar Upadhyay
c) Arjun KarkiShankar
d) Prasad Sharma

7. Which country pulled out of Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces treaty with Russia?
a) India
b) Germany
c) Sweden
d) USA

8. Behrouz Boochani, who won the Australia’s richest literary prize, is from which country?
a) Palestine
b) Saudi Arabia
c) Iran
d) Oman

9. What is the name of the payment channel that has been set up by the EU nations to continue trade with Iran?
a) EU-XE

10. Who assumed charge as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Corporation Bank?
a) Jai Kumar Garg
b) Shantanu Prasad
c) P V Bharathi
d) Satish Anamudi

11. Which company received the Aegis Graham Bell Award 2019 under Innovation in Data Science, in Panaji, Goa?
a) Ubisoft Technologies
b) Uniphore Software Systems
c) BlueChip Technological Solutions
d) Cando Automation

12. Which state government has launched the 2nd phase of Pasupu-Kumkuma scheme?
a) West Bengal
b) Telangana
c) Odisha
d) Andhra Pradesh

1: d) Kerala
2: d) Kerala
3: a) P S Krishnan
4: c) Assam
5: c) Odisha
6: a) Nilambar Acharya
7: d) USA
8: c) Iran
9: d) INSTEX
10:c) P V Bharathi
11:b) Uniphore Software Systems
12:d) Andhra Pradesh

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