Questions Asked In Railway ALP Exam 2018

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The Railway Recruitment Board has successfully completed the first day for Assistant Loco Pilot (ALP) and Technician Exam. A lot of students have been asking the questions asked in all the shifts on 1st day of exam. We have compiled the list of questions with answer so that you can set your expectations in the coming shift.

We request all the students to share their input if we have missed any question. All the below listed questions are from various shift and not necessarily in same order.

Questions Asked In Railway ALP Exam

Where will the Commonwealth game 2022 be organized
Answer: England

Who is the present Chhattisgarh governor
Answer: Balram Das Tandon

Who is the chairman of Indian Olympic Association
Answer: Narinder Batra

India has been ranked in the global corruption perception index for 2017
Answer: 81st

Which state government launched ‘181-Sakhi’, a toll-free helpline number for women
Answer: Assam

Player who won golden ball in fifa world cup 2018
Answer: Luka Modric

Chief Minister of Nagaland
Answer: Neiphiu Rio

Name of the CEO of Allahabad Bank
Answer: Usha Ananthasubramanian

Chemical Name of Vitamin E
Answer: Tocopherols

When Bleaching Powder is mixed in water which gas is released
Answer: Chlorine

Name of laughing gas
Answer: Nitrous oxide

Chemical Formula of Sodium Bicarbonate
Answer: Na2CO3

Who discovered DDT
Answer: Paul Hermann Müller

Where the digestion of Proteins occurs
Answer: Duodenum

Life span of RBC
Answer: 120 days

Which is the largest phylum in animal kingdom
Answer: Arthropoda

Pest-resistant cotton commonly known as ‘Bt-Cotton’ is genetically engineered by inserting a gene from a
Answer: Bacteria

Who invented Insulin
Answer: Frederick Banting

What is The Capitals Of Malaysia
Answer: Kuala Lumpur

Tunnel Pir Panjal Situated in which state
Answer: J&K

Hirakud Dam is built across which river
Answer: Mahanadi

What is the full form of UPS
Answer: Uninterruptible Power Supply

Currency of South Africa
Answer: Rad

What is India’s Rank in World Happiness Report 2018
Answer: 133

Change in momentum is equal to
Answer: Impulse

What is the formula of Acceleration
Answer: Change in velocity/ Time taken

What is the SI Unit of Energy
Answer: Joule

What is the SI Unit of Resistance
Answer: ohm

What is the common name of Oil of Vitriol
Answer: Sulphuric acid

Which type of mirror is used in torch
Answer: Concave

Amoeba belongs to the phylum
Answer: Protozoa

Which of the following diseases are caused by poxviruses in humans
Answer: Cow Pox

Yeast is a _____________
Answer: Fungi

Who is the owner of KKR Team in IPL 2018
Answer: Shah Rukh Khan

Who is the current CM of Tamilnadu
Answer: Edappadi K Palaniswami

Who is the Chief Managing Director of SBI
Answer: Arjit Basu

Who is the president of Indian Olympic Association
Answer: Rajeev Mehta

Who is the Governor of Chattisgarh
Answer: Balram Das Tandon

Who founded the Ramakrishna Mission in 1896 to carry on humanitarian relief and social work?
Answer: Swami Vivekananda

Who has won the Australia Open 2018 Women’s Singles
Answer: Caroline Wozniacki

Which materials used to make fuse wire
Answer: Tin and Lead

What is the AC Mains Frequency in India?
Answer: 50 Hz

The SI unit of power
Answer: Watt

If any liquid has Ph value below 7. It is?
Answer: Acidic

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