RRB JE Salary, Perks, Job Profile And Allowances

Indian Railways is one of the largest employer of the country. Approximately 14,000 vacancies have been released for the rcruitment of Junior Engineer in the organization. And now is the time when every aspirant wants to know the Job Profile and Salary of RRB Junior Engineers.

RRB JE Job Profile

As the name suggest, Junior Engnineer will be responsible for all the technical operations or set up for the Indian Railways. The JEs will be posted in the respective RRBs from where they have applied for the position. In this article we have shared the Brief roles and reponsibilities of the Junior Engineers to be recruited.

Job Profile Of RRB JE (Mechanical):

In Indian Railways, we all know that a lot of Mechanical works need manforce to take care of. All the JE will be dedicated to the various Track and Train maintanance which are under opeartion for the public. Apart from this, new installations will also be taken care of by RRB JE (Mechanical).

Job Profile Of RRB JE (Civil):

The real heroes behind the setting up of such a huge networks are the Civil Engineers. They will be responsible for the maintanance of all the ongoing and future projects. In fact, setting up of new infrastructure would require their skills and knowledge.

Job Profile Of RRB JE (Electrical):

Indian Railway has been using Electrical Energy in most of the parts in order to run their operations. Such a huge network would require certain professsiona that can take care of such things.

Job Profile Of RRB JE (IT):

RRB JE (IT) will be the one behind the automation being adopted by Indian Railways. When the whole world is taking the advantage of the technology, Indian Railwaays would require bright professionals who can take care of automatic opration at few stages in order to avoid usual delays.

RRB JE Salary

In this article, we will discus all the important aspects of RRB JE Salary. In fact, we will also share the in hand salary of RRB JE and what will be the deductions as per the latest policies. You will be surprised to know that RRB JE Gross Salary is above 50,000 and one of the best in the industry. If you have made your mind to get a job this year, then RRB JE should be on the top of the list. In addition to salary, you will have a lot of other facilities and benefits that a person needs. Let us check the RRB JE In Hand Salary in detail.

RRB JE In Hand Salary

The in hand salary of RRB JE is around Rs. 48,000. The salary break up and some of the deductions have been shared below. The in hand salary also depend on the EPF Deductions than an employee agrees to. Let us look at the below table in order to understand salary break up of RRB JE.

RRB JE In Hand Salary

Basic Pay Rs. 35,400
Dearness Allowance
(@12%) From January 2019
Rs. 4248
House Rental Allowance
(City Dependent)
Rs. 10,620
Travelling Allowance Rs. 3,000
Gross Salary Rs. 53,268
EPF Rs. 4,200
NPS Rs. 2,200
RRB JE In Hand Salary Rs. 46,868

Note: The above table can also be considered as Pay Slip of RRB JE.

RRB JE Perks and Allowances

Perks and Allowances are some of the ways through which any organization appreciate their employees. Apart from Dearness Allowance (DA), Travelling Allowance (TA), House Rental Allowance (HRA), the employees also get other small allowances. These allowances differ from one department to another.

Other Benefits Benefits

1. Railway Pass To Travel
Railway Employees and their dependents get free travel pass. This is one of the best facility that an employee can get from an employer.

2. Medical Facilities
Medical facilities help all the employees lead a healthy life. In Indian Railways, Employees and Dependents gets medical treatment facility for life.

3. Pension
Like all government jobs, Indian Railways also give pension to all the employees.

4. Residential Quarters
Separate colonies are set up by Indian Railways for their employees.

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